Sunday, December 16, 2018

Driven The Virat Kohli Story Book Review

Driven The Virat Kohli Story
                                                    -Vijay Lokapally

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about a book. The book will introduce you to a person in a different way. Then person is known as short tempered, abusive and impatient. But this book erases his image and creates a Passionate and aggressive one. The person is Captain of all formats of Indian Cricket team Virat Kohli.
                   The book narrates virat’s journey from 1st class cricket carrier to 2016 International carrier. The author narrating the journey is renowned sports journalist, Critic Mr. Vijay Lokapally. Mr. Lokapally has experienced the journey of Indian cricket very closely and wrote the same time to time. He also has written a book on the carrier of star batsman Virendra Sehwag.
                    Driven the Virat Kohli story consist the cover showing Virat’s photo playing a straight drive shot. The book with 221 pages starts in 1998 when virat’s father Prem Kohli sent him to west Delhi Cricket Academy to learn Playing cricket. Reason being Sachin Tendulkar’s fantastic batting against the Australia in Coca Cola Cup in the same year. The book consists Virat’s carrier got Decorated Step by step i.e.  Junior career, one day cricket Debut,Test Debut, IPL Journey, Leadership Etc.
                    Father Prem Kohli’s death was the turning point in Virat’s Life. After his death Virat really got transformed from boy to a man. We get so close to Virat while reading this book. The book also narrates some of his failures. How he faced them and encountered them and made come back. The whole story is so inspiring. The book also tells us about famous players in cricketing world and through some chapter we recall some of the old memories players in cricket.
                   The book is truly inspirational. Seeking cricket as carrier option can be very much guided by this book. The book is absolutely collectible for everyone.Driven The Virat Kohli Story

-     -  Shrijeevan Tondale


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